2023 OMEGA X CONCERT in JAPAN <KEEP GOIN’> Ticketing Application…

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作成者METANOIA 作成日 : 2023.07.28


For oversea residents interested in tickets for2023 OMEGA X CONCERT in JAPAN <KEEP GOIN’>, there will be pre-registration ticketing available via Lawson Ticket.

◆ Lawson Ticket Pre-registration Application
     Period of pre-registration: 2023/8/4(Fri) 12:00 ~ 2023/8/13(Sun) 23:59

  ※ It is not on a first-come, first-served basis. A lottery will be held for those who apply during the application period.
      Announcement of Lottery Results/Period of payment: 2023/8/16(Wed) 15
:00 ~ 2023/8/20(Sun) 23:00

  ※ 1 application per person for each concert. Up to 4 tickets per application
  ※ If payment cannot be confirmed until the payment deadline despite winning, the application itself will be treated as "cancelled".
  ※ For further details, please check the Lawson Ticket site

  ※ Please note that the above link will be available once pre-registration starts.

  ※ 2023년 8월 4일(금) 12:00부터 위 링크를 통해 티켓 구매가 가능합니다. 

< Concert Information >

[Osaka] Zepp Namba

Thu. September 21, 2023, DAY OPEN 13:30/ START 14:30, NIGHT OPEN 17:30/ START 18:30

[Tokyo] Zepp Haneda

Sat. September 23, 2023, DAY OPEN 13:30/ START 14:30, NIGHT OPEN 17:30/ START 18:30

Ticket Price
 1F Standing 9,900 yen (Tax included)
 2F All-reserved Seating 9,900 yen (Tax included)

  ※ For those applying from overseas, please select for a physical ticket.
  ※ A separate drink fee is required at the time of admission.
  ※ Tickets are required for children over 3 years old, and children under 3 years old cannot enter.

  ※ Opening/starting time may change under circumstances.
  ※ Ticket refunds are not possible unless the concert itself is cancelled.

Regarding Ticket Exchange

  Ticket exchange is necessary for all overseas residents purchasing tickets

  through the Pre-registration Application.
  On the day of each concert, please come to the [Ticket Exchange Booth] at the venue within the time period below to pick up the tickets.

     [Osaka, Zepp NambaThu. September 21, 2023, 12:30~18:30

     [Tokyo, Zepp Haneda], Sat. September 23, 2023, 12:30~18:30

  At the Ticket Exchange Booth, we will check the following 2 items before handing over the ticket:

  공연 당일 티켓 교환부스에서 아래 2가지를 확인한 후에 티켓을 배부합니다:
  [1] Passport of the Ticket Purchaser (copy not accepted)

  [1] 여권 (복사본 불가)
  [2] Ticket Payment Confirmation email

  [2] 티켓 구매완료 이메일

■ Inquiries regarding concert information

    METANOIA Corp.

■ Inquiries regarding ticketing

    Lawson Ticket.